c/o The Erotic Review:
A regular client of mine sent me the following 2 links...
Please read both articles first, then scroll down to read my take on this situation,
and what you guys can do to protect yourselves!

The Actual e-mail I received:

"A fellow hobbyist sent this to my e-mail directly because he felt that he could not trust this subject on the TER boards.
 He could not validate its' authenticity but it rings many alarm bells.
I pass it along as a courtesy...

Put simply, Dave R. Elms, President of TER is accused of being given immunity
in order to provide law enforcement with names of people.

The MSNBC article:


The Craig's List commentary on that article from a former Moderator.

http://newyork.craigslist.org/lgi/ers/127484871.html "

Although the above Craig's List article has expired,
I printed it out (before it expired) and have included a scan of it below:


My Take on This:

You may not believe this, but I suspected that cops were on TER for some time!
Case in point: I was reading the TER message boards about a year ago,
and an escort posted a letter of concern c/o someone who left a review about her
that she had never even seen!
I wrote a reply back, suggesting that TER start screening its' members 
via their employment. 
This would eliminate male undercover cops from posing as clients,
and female undercover cops from posing as escorts...
My message was never posted, nor did I ever get a reply from TER,
"Thanks for the suggestion" or anything like that.
My e-mail was ignored.

Thus, if the two articles are true (and they certainly appear to be),
then shame on you, Mr. Elms!
Erotic Review VIP members trusted that their reviews and personal info was safe,
and now that trust may have been betrayed!
At least the people at Big Doggie were MAN ENOUGH
to deal with the vice... and NOT give out the names of the escorts & their clients!

What You Can Do to Protect Yourselves:

*Consider Canceling Your Erotic Review VIP Membership!
They can't give out your info if they don't know who you are!
If you want to read the reviews, fine, but just do so anonymously.

*If You Insist On Leaving a Review...
Don't mention money (or synonyms for money,
such as 'cost', 'rate', 'price', or 'tip')'!!!
Nothing can be used against you if there is no proof of money exchanged.

*How to Spot a Possible Female Undercover Cop Ad and/or Website...
It's actually very simple... Female undercover cops CAN NOT show
bare nipple and/or pubic hair.  Ever!
(If they do, it's entrapment)
And I don't mean if you can see the shape of her nipple under a silk teddy
then she's okay... That doesn't count!  The nipple MUST be bare!
So guys, PLEASE:
No matter how attractive you think she is, if she's not showing bare nipple and/or pussy
in at least one of her photos, then

Good luck to all of you & be safe!
~ Busty BriAnna